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Sueña Conmigo


CD and booklet design


NOV 2010

“Sueña Conmigo” (Dream with Me) is a teen fiction, produced by Nickelodeon Latin America in co-production with Illusion Studios (Argentina) and Grupo Televisa (Mexico), which was performed in 2010 in Buenos Aires Argentina, marking the fifth production of Nickelodeon Latin America. It tells the story of Clara who dreams of becoming a star, but to do so becomes “Roxy Pop”.

Graphic Design & PACKAING

“Sueña Conmigo” (Dream with Me) is a teen fiction.

The story recounts the love between Clara Molina and Luca Grossi, they are two teenagers who are willing to do anything to fulfill their dreams. Clara loves to sing, so she decides to join Soy Tu Super Star, a reality show where the winner will become famous. But Clara’s father won’t let her join the show, so Clara created Roxy Pop.

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