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SEP 2010

Illusion Park is a children’s entertainment multiplatform supported in 2 formats: TV program: Wherethey present cartoons and other content for children. It is broadcast on AmericaTV, Channel 2 in Argentina. Social game online: Entering, children interactthrough their Avapark role in this game aspart of a virtualcommunity.

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Art Direction, motion & Graphic Design

ILLUSION PARK es un universo multimedia, que gira en torno a un desarrollo audiovisual televisivo...

y establece feedback con su audiencia principalmente a través de una plataforma digital que contiene, un juego de rol online, un entorno 2.0 (social media) y contenidos para telefonía móvil. Está dirigido principalmente a niños y niñas de 4 a 8 años y contempla tanto el entretenimiento como la formación infantil.

The promotional campaign development as well as logo design, branding guidelines, print and online media, creative art direction, adcampaign design, guerrilla mkt, commercials art direction and style guide was done by Diego Quarone while employed by Illusion Studios.

This images showcased in this webstite represent the professional portfolio of Diego Quarone, art director and designer for different customers and businesses. This site intends to show technical and artistitc experience only, not to take comercial credits. All images contained in this website shall retain their respective copyrights.