Art Direction / TV Broadcast Design


OCT 2012

“Gigantes del Catch” (Catch Giants) is a wrestling entertainment TV program. Made entirely in HD, is a production of Illusion Studios for America TV. Channel 2 in Argentina.

Art Direction, motion & Graphic Design

Creating the big Brand Identity with multiples sub-identities.

The challenge was to create a brand that could support the rest of the identities of each of the characters. And even that each sub-brand can individually reflect the same spirit of the mother brand.

My responsibilities and involment in this project included: Logo design, creative art direction, aesthetic concept of the 16 wrestlers, promotional campaign development, ad campaign design and print media. Once defined, the rest of the designs / storyboard were developed to then make the motion graphic.

Character presentation layout

This layout where it shows statistics is used in the program when presenting the fighters.

Versus mode layout

This layout is used in the program when presenting characters that will fight.

Motion Graphic

Here some motion graphic about the identity of the characters.

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