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Gaturro, The Movie


Branding / Graphic Design


September 2010

Gaturro is a 3D animated movie based on the character created by Nik. Co-producedby AlephMedia (Argentina) Anima Studios (Mexico) and Illusion Studios (Argentina) was the third biggest box office hit of that year in Argentina. Itwas shown in all of Latin America and Spain. The promotional campaign development as well as logo design,branding guidelines, print and online media, creative art direction, adcampaign design, web design and character style guide was done by Diego Quaronewhile employed by Illusion Studios.
Branding & Identity

Communicating the 2d language to the 3d world without losing the essence.

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I was involved in the art direction, brand development, communication material, visual identity and trailers.

Diego Quarone logo


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