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DAC: Directores Argentinos de Cine


Art Direction / Graphic Design / Motion Graphics


February 2014

At its last general assembly, the Film Directors Association from Argentina (DAC “Directores Argentinos Cinematográficos”) presented their institutional videos with a summary of the history of the entity and a detailed description of their organization and management in reference to the protection of the rights as authors of Audiovisual Directors of Argentina.

Motion and Graphic Design

History and legal aspects.

You will learn how, since its inception in 1958, and thanks to the commitment of the different authorities of DAC, it became the only Collective Management Society able to collect and distribute the author´s right of the Audiovisual Director in the country.
Motion and Graphic Design


Discover how DAC collects authors’ rights of each Audiovisual Director, in cinema as well as in television, bus companies, airlines and restaurants.
Motion and Graphic Design


Find out how DAC can equitably distribute the author´s right of each Author – Audiovisual Director.



Gustavo Cova


Esteban Garrido

Motion Graphic:

Octavio Nessi

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